HACAN ClearSkies is a campaigning organisation. As such, we are not eligible for charitable status. We are run by a Management Committee, which meets monthly and which reports each year to the Annual Meeting. The 3 officers, Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer are appointed by the Management Committee. We encourage involvement of our members in both our campaigning and decision-making activities.


Chair : John Stewart

John Stewart is an experienced transport campaigner. He was a founder of ClearSkies, the organisation that sprung up in South London in the mid/late 1990s when aircraft noise became a serious problem in that area. He became Chair of HACAN ClearSkies when the two organisations merged in 2000. He brings a wealth of campaigning experience to the job. He has played an important role in building up the organisation's media profile and in making links with other aviation pressure groups in the UK and across Europe.

Treasurer : Harriet Enthoven