Who we are

The increase in air traffic and subsequent new marshalling paths mean that more people across London and the Thames Valley are affected by aircraft noise and pollution. Our members are now drawn from Windsor in the West to Greenwich in the East and from Mile End and Muswell Hill in the North to Epsom in the South.

Our campaigning is done largely on a voluntary basis, which means that we make the best possible use of the funds we have.

Our income comes from our supporters, mostly from membership subscriptions. We have also received substantial funds from supporters who wish to remain anonymous, whilst other supporters raised a considerable sum to enable us to pay the legal fees to mount the challenge to night flights in the European Court of Human Rights. In this way we are able to survive and continue to fight because, unlike the civil aviation industry, we receive no grants or subsidies from the taxpayer. However, maintaining the level of profile we have achieved costs money so, if you agree with our aim and are thankful for what we are doing, please contribute yourself by joining us.

Where we stand